Company Overview

We have been appointed for projects in Bahrain, Dubai, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Qatar, Singapore and Sri Lanka, but our construction knowledge extends beyond that to India, Pakistan, Philippines, the United Kingdom and Thailand.

On a single appointment, a dispute may range from US$10 million to in excess of US$200 million, with evidence given before arbitral tribunals or courts in Dubai, Hong Kong, London, Singapore and Sri Lanka.

What sets CES apart from other organisations providing expert evidence services?

• We have in-depth knowledge of construction costs and how they are incurred. Our work gives us the opportunity to study many projects and the parties involved in those projects. We know how parties operate as part of a project team and individually as a corporate entity. We know how parties operate when a project is in a remote location or in a designated market.

• We have a full range of construction experience, encompassing all aspects of civil engineering work and building projects.

• We only provide expert witness services or independent opinions on matters likely to be proceeding to arbitration or litigation. We do not attempt to be all things to all parties. We know what we excel at, and we stick to it.

• We are experienced in providing expert evidence services. Our experts receive in-house training, and also outsourced training from barristers and arbitrators, in addition to extensive hands-on experience from working on a large range of expert appointments.

• Through awards and decisions published by arbitral tribunals and courts, we receive continual feedback on the credibility of the services we provide. There is no better measure of competence than that granted by the judicial power itself.

• We are very earnest about the role and responsibilities of giving expert evidence and what makes for credible expert evidence.

• We have a full understanding of the arbitration and litigation process, the level of evidence required to support quantum assessments, and the proper principles and approach needed for assessing quantum.

• We adopt a consistent approach to our work, so no conflicts arise in the services we provide or the manner in which we treat our clients. All appointments receive the same treatment, regardless of the dispute details.

• We have worked alongside many leading construction senior counsel and international law firms, and have produced evidence for renowned arbitral tribunals. We know what is expected of us and we deliver.