Message from the
Managing Director

Since our formation in 2006, we have been appointed on over 65 occasions to provide quantum expert evidence for construction disputes proceeding to arbitration or litigation.

We provide expert evidence on matters relating to measurement issues, the valuation of additional and omitted works, disruption and prolongation, termination of contracts, and common law claims for damages – in short, all financial claims made under a contract or at common law that are to be resolved through arbitration or litigation.

We are appointed by contractors, developers, educational institutions, governments, insurance companies, joint ventures, power generation companies, resort hotels and casinos, for projects in Central America, Middle East, South and East Asia.

We are well-versed on working on large complex projects and complex contracting arrangements. To date we have assessed, in total, financial claims and damages in excess of US$1.3 billion. Our approach is meticulous, backed with a great depth of construction knowledge and understanding.

Our success derives from our integrity and continuing dedication to providing a highly professional, high-quality service. If we cannot commit to or excel at an appointment, we will not accept it, because we will not settle for giving less than our best.

We judge our performance by how credible an arbitral tribunal or court determines our evidence to be.

We fully endorse the importance of providing expert witness services in an independent, concise, impartial manner, in order to assist an arbitral tribunal or court in discharging its judicial obligations.

It is not surprising, therefore, that we are known for our technical excellence, and that 95% of our appointments are referrals from clients, legal teams, arbitral tribunals and various other parties who have interacted with us during previous arbitration or litigation proceedings.

Now in our tenth year, we are looking forward to tackling further challenging appointments receiving even more recognition for our services.

Laurette Gallagher
Managing Director